American Society in the 19 century

American Society in the 19 centuryAssignment: Write two essays should follow the format with 3 paragraphs (intro, body paragraphs with evidence, conclusion). You can choose Twoof three to write, each one with one page. Give your critical analysis of their accounts. Body needs clear introduction and conclusion sentence. Conclusion: specific for interesting. You should use the resource as evidence from the books I list below, also you can use the resource from the short article, and I have upload. No resource from other readings.
Your Essay should follow the format with three paragraphs (intro with an argumentative thesis, body paragraphs with evidenceand a thought-provoking conclusion).1. Weve talked about a number of people who didnt fit within the social boundaries of the 19th century (for example, Frederick Douglas, Benjamin Pearson, Louisa May Alcott, Charlotte Gilman Perkins). All of them, in various ways, tried to challenge and change the world in which they lived. Pick two of these individuals. Explain one aspect of the 19th century that they each found frustrating. Then demonstrate how they each attempted to overcome that aspect of 19th century society. Use these historical examples to answer the question: how much DO YOU think an individual can alter their life-circumstances? Can someone change the world in which they live?2. Some historians today argue that there are significant differences in the expansionist ideas advocated by early Presidents like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and later Presidents like William McKinley. In an essay, write whether you agree or disagree with their claim. Your essay should compare an early and late Presidents vision of where the United States should expand, specific reasons for that expansion, and whether or not that President conceptualized their expansion as the development of a European style Empire.3. The term equality is often discussed in 19th Century political documents in the United States. However, as weve seen these ideas have not always been followed in American actions. In an essay, describe at least one way in which American actions supported ideas of equality. Then, describe another way in which American actions worked against ideas of equality. Make sure to use specific examples. Why DO YOU think American actions have supported equality in certain instances and not in others?