Called to Participate by Mark Searles:

Called to Participate by Mark Searles:Respond to each of the following questions in 8-10 setences:1) Read Mark Searles discussion of Virgil Michel on pages 6-8 of Called to Participate. Reflect on the feasibility of Michels vision of liturgy igniting social transformation in our contemporary, postmodern world.2) On pages 28-32, Searle discusses the second level of ritual participation in baptism and how that capacitates one to engages both God and the world. Reflect on how this mediating role might contribute to the way one works in the business world.3) On pages 38-42, Searle discusses the meaning of participation in God. Read this section carefully and reflect, in your own words, on what it means to participate in the life of God (with reference to Searles remarks).