Career Development Final Project

Career Development Final ProjectAn important part of the Career Development process is to develop a career plan. Within this career plan the student establishes goals and strategies to achieve those goals. While the focus of the assignment is largely on the students professional life, some personal goals may also be included if it directly relates to your ability to achieve your professional goals.write a short research paper 5 to 10 pages, outlining your long term strategy for planning your career. The goal here is to examine where you are and where you want to go in your career. Furthermore, you need to address how you will achieve your goals. A well devised career plan can be extremely valuable in your professional development. Industry Background (Whats going on? Current News)
Why have you chosen these positions or this career field?
What qualifications are needed to be successful? (i.e. Masters Degree, special knowledge areas, skills)
What is the job market like in this industry?
What are the trends? (more hiring? cutbacks? shortages? demand?)
What is your career plan? (try to be specific); create a timeline for your career growth.
Conclusions; Discuss what conclusions/lessons youve learned from this project.