Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion

Compensation and Benefits Peer DiscussionPurpose of this assignment: Envision yourself and your peers and me sitting in a classroom in a horseshoe table formation and I am asking each of you what you thought was the most important two concepts that you read in chapter twelve.define/describe the concepts that you have found to be most interesting to you. You must then explain how you would use the concept to make your organization more effective. You must explain it with the constructs of the course purpose. Above all you must explain the concept from an organizational strategic perspective. In other words your explanation should not focus on a single person but on a department. Explain how these concepts are used by an HRM in your current or a past organization.Evaluation of Peer Discussion:1. Mentions at least 2 specific points of interest from your reading. This is worth 25% of your score.Use vocabulary relevant to the current modules topics to describe the concepts of your points of interest.2. Makes connections to previous or current content or to experiences. This is worth 25% of your score.Provides a statement of clarification, provide a point of view with rationale using other posts and or other concepts from the text.3. Evidence of critical thought in the discussion, not just recitation of facts. Challenging a point of discussion, or making a relationship between one or more points of the discussion.4. Contains rich and fully developed new ideas, connections, and applications. This is worth 25% of your score.