Course: NURS 6261: Coaching 2 Advanced Coaching (3 Credits)

Course: NURS 6261: Coaching 2 Advanced Coaching (3 Credits)
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Week 3
Immunity to change Develop an Immunity Map . Narrated PowerPoint on Immunity to change Robert Kegan on Immunity to change:
Assignment: Immunity to Change MAP
Please read assignment carefully. You can choose client for coaching (wellness coaching) to develp an immunity to change map. Please read above file for reference. You must use Editable PDF form (below).
Immunity to Change Worksheet (20 points): Select a practice client or use yourself to develop an immunity to change map. Use the Editable PDF form. Be sure to craftKey focus Detail/example Points
*Client Background pertinent information
Issue to be addressed/patients agenda 3
Commitment Example: To lose 100 lbs. 2
Doing/not doing towards that commitment Example: Binge on sugar
Eat past full
.. 2
Hidden or competing commitments Afraid people will stare at me once I lose weight. Ill have to show up
Big Assumptions It is not possible for me to ever be thin. 5
*Lessons learned analysis AHA moments
Insights that came to the client from the exercise. Discuss how well or not the patient was engaged/ coaching learning. 5
*These two section are not included on the worksheet and must be crafted in a word document separately.