Critical analysis of a project

Critical analysis of a projectThis assignment is a critical analysis of a product/project. I will send you the previous assignment. You can do critical analysis for that one or you can choose another product/project. Its up to you.
In this assessment you have to discuss these areas.
1. Project scope management
All the areas should be discussed in detail.
2. Project time management
3. Project cost management
4. Project quality management
5. Project risk management
6. Project procurement management
7. Project HRM
8. Project integration and communication management
Please refer PMBOK (project management book of knowledge) for these areas
Project areas need to be discuss
1. Initiating process
2. Planning process
3. Executing process
4. Monitoring and controlling process
5. Closing process
Please add tables and graphs for these 8 areas like activities related and documents attachedAssessment length(4000 words)
1. Executive summary(200-250)
2. Table of contents
3. Introduction(2500)
3.1. Introduction(250)
3.2. Project background(250)
4. Body(2000)
4.1. Critical analysis(2000)
5. Conclusion(250)
6. Recommendations(250)