EconomicsPaper details:
find a news article from a major newspaper or periodical (either in its physical format or online incarnation) that 1) was written after may 14,2015 and 2) relates to a course topic taught, the lecture slides will be attached in additional materials. We will not accept articles from aggregators (Google, Yahoo, AP feeds), nor from blogs or opinion pieces, even if they are hosted on news sites. You must describe, in your own words, the issues presented in the article, and then summarize how the material taught in class explains the information, events, or phenomenon in the article. This economic explanation must relate to a theoretical graph (one with some sort of equilibrium, like Supply and Demand, the PPF). The graph must be drawn and included in your response. The written component of the response should fit on the provided form, and not longer than one additional page. Be brief! Responses will be evaluated in a very simple manner, out of 5 points