Education Literacy

Education LiteracyOrder DescriptionFormat: Written comparative analysis (essay)
This written comparative analysis is designed to assess the following course objectives, as listed in course specifications:
Objective 3. Understand socio-cultural contexts for language and literacies learning.
Objective 4. Identify various approaches to language and literacies learning.
Objective 5. Analyse teacher talk and understand the implications for effective literacy teaching.
Objective 6. Demonstrate competence in and appropriate use of language and literacy, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and APA referencing.
Assignment details:
1. Examine two transcripts of talk (provided on the EDX1170 Study Desk) involving an adult (teacher/parent) and children/a child. Both are instructional settings but one is set in the home environment and is a conversation between a parent and child, while the other is in a classroom and is a conversation between a teacher and students. Please note that the home context is a naturalistic setting and is not a case of home schooling.
2. Working from your learning and the supportive resources provided in the lead up to this assignment, including your knowledge of the role of talk in literate, cultural and social practices from Module 6, analyse the characteristics of the talk in the two situations to compare the effectiveness of literacy pedagogy. Your comparative analysis should discuss the evident differences between the social worlds of home and school, the roles of adults in both settings and the role of children in both settings. Some questions to consider, though not exhaustive, are: How is learning conducted at home and in school? What are the differences and similarities? Finally, your essay should demonstrate insights about why students in classrooms participate in particular ways and what changes may be necessary to classroom pedagogy because of this. 3. Further guidance in mastering the genre of comparative analysis and the tools and approach to transcript analysis will be provided in lectures, tutorials and resources on the Study Desk.
4. You should have at least five references located through your own research for this essay in addition to those provided to complete the assignment.
Notes and supporting documentation:
1. Ensure that you use and refer to the dialogue in the transcripts to support your stance.
2. Ensure your references are listed at the end of the essay and are in APA style.