EnergyYou may find the source useful in your investigation: the following questions relative to the alternative energy sources selected from the above list.
Maximum points are awarded for thorough and thoughtful answers.
List any sources used in your investigation.
Responses MUST be submitted via Blackboard using Safe Assign.Questions:
1. What causes or creates wind?
2. How available is this resource? Using the Wind Resource Maps accessible from the site, , answer the following questions:
a. Identify the land-based locations in the US best suited as utility-scale wind resources (80-meter). Record the range of wind speeds.
b. Investigate the community scale (50-meter data) wind power classification for locations near Boise. Record the wind resource potential rating and wind speed
3. Is it affordable? Include a discussion of infrastructure required to make it mainstream.
4. Is it reliable? Could it be used as a base-load source? If not, explain why.
5. Is it considered clean? Compare emissions to those generated by coal or natural gas powered plants.
6. Energy storage what methods have been investigated particularly with regard to wind energy