essential of investments

essential of investmentsAnswer all of the following questions/problems being as comprehensive as possible by using your own words and opinions, not the textbooks or just definitions. As a guide, the assignment especially problems should be detailed showing all your work including calculator keystrokes or Excel and explanations NOT just answers or definitions. Please provide related real examples with your responses for more credit. Use all resources including online sites and remember to state your sources. All assignments should be uploaded to the corresponding Blackboard or email as well as a hard copy handed in. If you have any questions please dont hesitate in contacting me prior to the assignment due date. These assignments should also help you with topics to cover for your term projects.
NOTE: Webmaster Problems: Please note for the Web master problems assigned use your OWN company and industry when you solve the problem not the companies listed in the problems. These problems will help you toward your papers as well.Chapter 10: Problems: 25, 27,44 and Webmaster Problem 1 (own company and industry)Chapter 11: Problems: 14,15,29 and Webmaster Problem 1 (own company and industry)Chapter 12: Problems: 1,3,4,5,17,19,21,25 these are questions so please provide your own, definitions, real examples and opinions. Also Webmaster problem 1 (own company and industry)NOTE: Chapters 13 &14 are important topics to include in your papers.Chapter 13: Problems: 3,5,8,10 and Webmaster problem 1(own company and industry)Chapter 14: Problems 1, CFA 5,7and Webmaster problem 1 (own company and industry)29.