Evaluation Framework

Evaluation FrameworkOrder DescriptionThis is another assignment, however its not going to be submit it by the same person. it will be the same as the previous assignment. although make sure there are no copy and past and no plagiarism to the previous one.This assignment is not a Book report, but it needs to be presented in a report form ( Table content, Heading..etc).This report strictly needs to follow the order below:
1. plagiarism, or copy and paste is not acceptable in the report.3. you must use the Book and the other file to write about ideas, and references into the report. the references list i have attached them. so please use them.have suggested?)
Please note: Reference must be made to your readings. Please ensure that all the pages of your report are numbered, you include a table of contents and any appendices that you include are correctly numbered.This assignment must be word processed, with 1.5 spacing in at least 12 font, using standard margins.The Harvard system of referencing must be used in assignments (see http://www.unisanet.unisa.edu.au/learningconnection/student/learningAdvisors/documents/harvard-referencing.pdf for further details).Outline:
You need to use Owens book for this assignment, as you guide and find supportive material for the assignment 2
First, and the most important bit is choosing an evaluand.
Just remember, an evaluand can be a program, Policy or product. I have chosen a program as an evaluand below
The program is Happy teeth program- please look at the link below if you want to choose another evaluand that you are confident to write about it
Once you have the evaluand then you need to use the key headings that are in Figure 4.1 negotiating evaluation: dimensions of an evaluation plan page 73 74 as your lay out
Here is Owns book : https://www.scribd.com/doc/47446390/Program-Evaluation-Form-and-Approach2Cannot stress the critical bit is choosing the evaluand.
It can be easier to find a program evaluation report for your chosen evaluand and uses this evaluation report as a guide. Just type into a google search the program topic evaluation report
e.g oral health program evaluation report or physical activity program evaluation report and you will find evaluation reports. then you can look at these evaluation reports methodology and methods to assist and guide you with Owens heading on page 73 74
To assist you further, so you know what to put under the heading that are on page 73 and 74 for your chosen evaluand go to page 68 and each heading is explained in detail with some questions and statements. This will help you write short summaries under each assignment heading for your chosen evaluand.