Global Health

Global HealthProject descriptionchoose 3 questions and answer (2.5 pages each)1) What are the key elements in Health Systems Strengthening that may be the most important for rebuilding health in fragile states? What are the differences between rebuilding services and rebuilding systems?2) Good Governance approaches include providing more room for citizen participation and voice. How might this be manifested in regards to different health issues?3) What are some of the opportunities and obstacles for improving different aspects of WASH programs in growing cities?4) In what ways might climate change have an impact on chronic poverty in relation to health or nutrition?5) How might natural disasters and urbanization dynamics relate to each other and have an effect on health?6) How do approaches such as Chronic Poverty and MPI help provide a better understanding of problems in specific fields of nutrition and health?FOR ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO UTILIZE AT LEAST 2 READINGS EACH