Homework for business analysis for decision making/ Quantitative Methods

Homework for business analysis for decision making/ Quantitative MethodsProject description
this is not due until June 7 at 11 p.m. !! when completing assignments as well as completing the course final, all answers must include thorough interpretation ; not sufficient to just arrive at answers and/or give vague responses.Therefore, the expectations are :Correct answers.
1. Mathematical evidence using Excel functions or manual equations, when I click on your answer(s); not acceptable to use a calculator or other device and display the results on the worksheet), and/or if applicable, a specific utility pasted to the respective scenario tab to serve as the mathematical evidence.
2.Interpretation explaining what your answer represents, which must be thorough so sound managerial decision, can be made from your explanation, which should not have to require any additional solicitation for information.Unit 3: Sampling & Estimation
Introduction: The Scuba Problem
Generating Random Samples
How to Create a Representative and Unbiased Sample
Taking a Random Sample
Sample Size
Learning about a Sample
Response Rates
Classic Sampling Mistakes
Solving the Scuba Problem (Part I)
Exercise 1: The Bell Computer Problem
Exercise 2: The Wave Problem
Challenge: The Airport
The Population Mean
The Scuba Problem II
Using Confidence Intervals
The Normal Distribution
The z-statistic
Using Excels Normal Functions
Using the z-table
Practice with Normal Curves
The Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Estimating a Population Mean II
Finding a Confidence Interval
Wine Lovers Magazine
Obtaining the z-value
Using Small Samples
Finding the t-value
The Good Ship Demiurgos
Choosing a Sample Size
Step-by-Step Guide
Excel Utility
Solving the Scuba Problem II
Exercise 1: The Veetek VCR Gambit
Exercise 2: Pulluscular Pig Disorder
The Customer Response Problem
Confidence Intervals And Proportions
Sample Size
Finding a Preliminary Estimate of p-bar
Solving the Customer Response Problem
Exercise 1: GMW Automotive
Exercise 2: Crown Toothpaste
Challenge: OOPS! Package Deliveries