How to use technology to build Constructivism in Math class

How to use technology to build Constructivism in Math classchoose any 3 reference from reference to answer 4 research questions .use two way (positive and negative ) and What are the results of your study? Describe the data that you collected in full.* Discussion(1 page and half)writ as story in ( past, now, future)
What does the data tell you about your research question (s)? Was your intervention/innovation effective? Make a good argument for why it was/wasnt effective using your results. Go back and compare your results to your literature review to see how your results fit in with what others are saying/doing about similar issues. Finally, discuss any implications this study may have on your future work. First two pages (write these pages separate) about Assignment #2
Second anther 4 pages about Your Action Research Proposal Presentation template are as follows down. Please use 8resoures articles from scholarly journals.As you read through chapter 2 in Yendol-Hoppey and Fichtman Dana (2009), you observed that there are eight passions framed in the text: a child, curriculum, content knowledge, teaching strategies/techniques, beliefs about practice, personal/professional identity, social justice, and context. Hopefully by the end of the chapter you have been able to narrow down a wondering with respect to the eight passions. You are to develop a line of inquiry regarding this wondering. What concerns/questions do you have as they relate to your values?Write a 2 pages explanation of the context that sparked your inquiry. Using the examples from the text as models for your own writing, be sure to include the following: What is your topic? How to use technology to build Constructivism in Math class.
What does this topic mean to you? Child uses technology to create his own meaning.
How did it come to be important to you?
Why would it be important to research this topic?
Who would benefit from this research?
Finish this explanation with a list of three questions youd like to answer about your focus of inquiry.This exercise will limit the subject and focus attention on a specific aspect of your inquiry to study.