Information Technology and Human Factors Paper

Information Technology and Human Factors PaperOrder Descriptionprepare your responses to a series of questions that you have hypothetically been given by the executive management team at a healthcare facility. You are being interviewed by this team for an advanced practice nursing position and your responses should address the following three questions:How would you envision using information and communication technologies to support and augment your role as an advanced practice nurse in our healthcare facility?Given the growing net-savvy, empowered consumers, how will you transform your practice to accommodate these patients?What are the top three human computer interface (HCI) issues that you identify for an informatics tool you expect to use in our organization? And what ideas or suggestions do you have to address these top three HCI issues?The following critical elements will be used to assess this assignment. Your prepared remarks should cover the following for each of the three major questions:Question 1:Description of the role you are applying for in this interview. You get to decide this
Description of how you will use information and communication tools to support this role
Statement as to how these tools will address two pressing issues of safety and the nursing shortage
Pertinent references that support your ideasQuestion 2:Description of how your practice will accommodate the net-savvy, empowered consumer population
Identify creative ideas that will address the numerous characteristics of this population
Pertinent references that support your ideasQuestion 3:Description of the selected tool to answer this question
Identification of the top three human computer interface issues
Suggestions or ideas to address these HCI issues
Pertinent references that support your ideas
Paper should use language that:Complies with standard English usage and APA guidelines
Is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and format
Reflects language consistent with professional practice and appropriate for the audience
Is focused, well organized, and unified
1-inch margins and 12-point font, 2 spaces after periods
Provides adequate supporting ideas and examples with proper citations