Internship IINN company

Internship IINN companywrite 10 pages project for my internship. I am doing my internship in a company which is: IINN in the United states. The department I work in is Insight Physical Therapy. I will send the attachment which has all the requirements for the project. Also, I will send you 6 reports that I did for the internship and it will help you and give you an overview of what I am doing in PT (physical therapy) so far. You will see in the attachment that I will send you for the requirement (grading rubric): III the healthcare environment
b- for healthcare admn HCR301 (Intro to Hlth Info Sys for Adm) HCR377(Health Care HR Administration) HCR385( Health Care Program Evaluation) HCR410(Healthcare Strategic Planning) I just want to clear each class above.
IV. Reflection:
A- HCR370(Hlthcare Profess & Leadrship)
E- HCR 304( Inro to Ethics in healthcare)
In the overview of the Agency/ Organization: use IINN website and I you need any further information about it let me know please.write 4 sources just in case and if you need to use more let me know.