Learning assessment

Learning assessmentYou are interviewing for your dream job as an I/O psychologist. As part of your interview, you have been asked to present a PowerPoint presentation to search committee, which is made up of both managers and employees.Create a PowerPoint Presentation in which you detail the ways that you, as I/O Psychologist, will benefit both the organization and its employees.Follow the PowerPoint presentation tips. There should be ten slides in your PowerPointan initial slide and one slide each for the topics below. You should also create speaker notes for each slide of your presentation, which include the main talking points for the topic addressed in the slide.Your slides should cover the following topics from both the organization and employee perspective in addressing ways the ways that an I/O psychologist can benefit the organization and its employees:Job Analysis
Employee Selection
Employee Training
Performance Evaluation
Employee Satisfaction, Motivation, and Attitude
Worker Stress
Communication, Group Process, and Employee Behavior
Leadership and Organizational Structure
Legal and Ethical Issues