MarketingChoose ONE of the following three questions and answer according to the requirements of the question. You will need to provide support and justification for your answers. You are EXPECTED to refer to the theories you have learnt during the semester. You will be marked according to your ability to apply theories to the ads you have chosen.Question 1:
Choose FIVEads for one product category of your choice (for example, ice cream) that targets FIVE different target markets. For each of the ad, write a description of what you think the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the targeted market are. Explain using Marketing theories. (25 marks)Question 2:
Provide FIVE ads (print) of brands that have garnered success with advertising campaigns. For EACH of the brands, discuss and justify why you think the advertising campaign received success. Did the brand engage consumers and how? Discuss using Marketing theories (e.g. AIDA). (25 marks)Question 3:
Explain the difference between a pull promotional strategy and a push promotional strategy. Find two ads to showcase pull promotional strategy and find two ads to show push promotional strategy. For each ad, discuss if the ad has been effective for the product. Explain and justify your answers using Marketing theories.