PfizerOrder DescriptionA research paper featuring an analysis of a corporation and a major issue facing PFIZER company. This paper should demonstrate that the student understands how business trends affect an organizations capability for achieving a competitive advantage in the 21st century business environment.STEP ONE: The student should select a company for analysis and write up a profile of the company selected. The profile should include:
firm Mission/Vision
firms current strategic plans and/or direction
firms culture
firms structure and organization
The above subject areas could be presented in a strengths/weaknesses format as part of an overall SWOT-style analysisSTEP TWO: Article selection and analysis Write a report on an article that was written within the past year that deals with a topic directly affecting the competitiveness of the students chosen firm. The article chosen should have something important to say about an element of organizational effectiveness it can profile a dramatic social trend, give an industry prediction, address a strategic competency like leadership or HR, highlight a current environmental issue (for instance, the social responsibility component of sustainability), or comment on financial or market failures, etc.
a brief summary of the article, identifying the issue that attracted them to the article, explain why this issue is important, and what they learned from the article.
discuss how the subject of the article will affect their firm from a competitive perspective, highlighting any relevant changes necessary to the management structure, culture, or strategic direction of the firm. All citations and references must be in MLA format
Final project must be via Safe Assignment so please be careful with plagiarism.