probability distributions

probability distributions1. Read the following problems and classify them according to the following probability distributions. Note, question #1 has been answered.
A. Binomial
B. Poisson
C. Normal
D. Exponential
1. An equal number of people prefer Tennis to Basketball and Basketball to Tennis. You ask 200 people whether they prefer Tennis to Basketball. What is the probability that between 40 and 70 people prefer Tennis to Basketball?
2. Assume that in a group of 200 people, 40 have the flue and 160 do not. If you randomly select 60 people, what is the chance that at least 20 people will have the flu?
3. Dwight Howard, the center of the Huston Rockets professional basketball team is a 40% foul shooter. If he shoots 100 free throws, what is the probability that he will miss more than 65 shots?
4. Assume teenagers in general are rough drivers who get an average of 0.4 accidents per year. What is the probability that Cory who is a teenager will have no more than one accident during a year?
5. Suppose that during the class registration period, students register for classes an average of 100 registrations per hour. What is the probability that 200 registrations will be made by students in the next three hours?
6. The annual demand for antivirus software is normally distributed with a mean of 50,000 units and a standard deviation of 15,000 units. What is the probability that annual demand is from 40,000 through 60,000 units?2. Using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Solve questions 1 & 3 & 5; or questions 2 & 4 & 6. Use only one Excel file.