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A short essay is a type of an essay, which briefly describes a problem, question or a story. It is hardly different from any work of this type, except for the length. The structure of the paper is slightly modified too:

  • Introduction – is one or two sentences long and shows what the work will be about.
  • Body – usually consists of a single paragraph and talks about a certain event or an issue specified in the topic.
  • Conclusion – summarizes the work in a few sentences and finalizes it.

When you write a short story essay, it is important to choose a topic properly. This may even affect the way the work will be structured. It needs to be interesting, actual, appropriate and intriguing to look appealing for the reader. If the topic is some sort of a question or a problem, it is necessary to include a thesis statement to the introduction and state the major points in it. Also, the main part may include a contrary paragraph, which states an opposite opinion that needs to be refuted with convincing facts. It is important to include only the evidence from reliable sources.

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A narrative essay requires you to describe a certain event in a very precise and particular way. Basically, it is a short story in an essay based on a real-life experience. It has to be both interesting and informative. The description has to be vivid and sensual to make the reader feel like he or she participates and lives everything through with you. You need to know the purpose of writing and the main point exactly to direct your story.

When it comes to short essay for getting a scholarship, the narrative has to describe a life event that has helped you to become successful in the certain field required to get this scholarship. Also, it may show any situation where you managed to cope with a serious problem and the way you did it, or anything that inspires you.

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