Social Insurance Organization

Social Insurance OrganizationSIOS OVERVIEW
Social Insurance Organization (SIO) is the official authority responsible for providing social insurance services to all individuals covered by Pension Civil Law and Social Insurance Law in the Kingdom of Bahrain. SIO was established in accordance with Law No. 3 of 2008 to replace both Pension Fund Commission and General Organization for Social Insurance. SIO provides social insurance coverage for individuals against risks of aging, disability, death, work-related injuries, and unemployment in both public and private sectors.
SIOS Vision
Excellence in service quality and sustainability of insurance benefits.
SIOS Mission
Ensure tranquility and social stability and provide high quality insurance services for all.
SIOS responsibility
Apply the following laws:
Law No. (13) for year 1975 on the regulation of pension payments for public sector employees.
The Social Insurance Law issued by Legislative Decree No. (24) for year 1976 and Law No. (78) for year 2006 on Insurance against unemployment.
Law No. (32) for year 2009 on the establishment of the pension fund and regulation of pension payments for members of the Shura Council, the Parliament, and Municipal Councils.
Contribute to international cooperation and exchange through membership in international insurance organizations.
SIOS responsibility
Assurance and social stability.