Two themes on the Classical East Indian literature (look in the descr.)

Two themes on the Classical East Indian literature (look in the descr.)write two (2) essays of about 675 words each (1375 in total), on the following two themes:
Upani?ads: An older generation of scholars often said that the word upanisad refers to the tradition of the guru-to-student, or guru-shishya, method of teaching, and comes from the verb upa-ni-vsad, to sit down near. More recent scholars, like Patrick Olivelle speak of this term as about the connections between different realms of being. Write an essay exploring the idea of connections as a way of understanding the Upani?ads.Epics: Write an essay that shows how the Bhagavad Gita presents the possibility of salvation by means of one of three kinds of spiritual connectivity (yoga). Be sure to demonstrate how this sermon of Krishna to Arjuna fits into the larger context of the Mahabharata and the dilemma that is set up there for the two sides in a war between kinsmen.Since its Undergrad paper (yrs 3-4), I expect this paper to be grammatically correct and with no spelling mistakes. I ordered from this site before, and I have had instances of a very bad quality under high expectations and therefore high payment. Please, be knowledgeable in Indian literature, otherwise it will just take much longer to complete these two papers and lots of stress for you and for me.