womens studies

womens studiesHow do various societies construct gender identities, sexual practices and gendered bodies?Write for a general, public audience. Imagine your reader as a smart person who knows nothing about the subject. Better yet, imagine your reader as a potential employer, a lawyer or a company executive who will hire you on the basis of your self-expression. Do not refer to the class. Write as formally as possible. This means no contractions, and careful grammar and correct punctuation.Introduction: This acts as a road map for your essay. It should not be too broad and sweeping. You would not want a map of the Bronx to include Asia and Australia. It should set up the topic and argument clearly and simply (but not informally).Body: This develops and provides evidence for your argument. Each sentence should refer to what comes before and after it in a logical flow. Be specific. Tell the reader who, what, where, when.